The Beauty Benefits of Body Butter

whipped body butter
Whipped Body Butter

Body butter is type a nourishing moisturizer that provides long-lasting hydration to the skin. Unlike body lotion, body butter has a distinctive whipped texture. If you think body butter is the same as your average lotion, you’re wrong.

The Difference between Body Butter and Body Lotion

Body lotion and butter work the same way, they hydrate the skin. The difference between the two are the ingredients.

Body lotion contains more water, some are made up of 70% water. While body lotion provides ample moisture, it does so temporarily. This means you have to apply the product several times in order to prevent dryness.

On the other hand, body butter is composed of essential oils and nut butter. The ingredients are humectants, emollient substances that trap and lock in moisture. The product will condition and nourish the skin. The texture itself is much thicker than lotion. When used regularly, body butter will hydrate the skin like nothing else.

A body butter is best used during cooler climates. The thicker, more emollient texture could be too heavy during warm, humid season.

body butter
Handmade Body Butters

Benefits of Body Butter

Deep Hydration

When applied, the body butter will form a protective barrier between the skin and the elements. This traps moisture in, keeping irritants out. It keeps the skin hydrated no matter what weather conditions you are under. Most lotions are drying because they promote the dissipation of water in the skin. The creamy, nourishing texture of body butter is the perfect solution for extremely dry skin!

Softens the Skin

Got skin so dry it’ll put alligators to shame? No worries, slather body butter after showering! The richness of essential oils and nut butter will soften and moisturize parched skin. Slather the butter at night and you will wake up to unbelievably soft, glowing skin.

Protects from the Elements

Body butter does double duty as a skin protector. It’s made from seed oils and nut butter. These ingredients will trap moisture, keep out external toxins while softening the skin. Some body butters contain essential fatty acids or vitamin A, C and E. These kinds of body butter will protect the skin from the elements while keeping it silky smooth.

Prevents Callous and Corn

You can also use body butter as callous or corn remover. After bathing, pat the feet dry. Then, apply a generous amount of body butter. Massage the product in, especially on the affected area. Put on a pair of thick socks. In the morning, use a callous scraper to gently remove dry skin. Do this routine until calluses are gone.

Factors to Consider

There could be hundreds of body butter out there, which one’s the right for you? When it comes to choosing body butters, we recommend going for the organic, all-natural kinds. All-natural body butter will nourish the skin without irritants. Look for products made with “cold-pressed,” “unrefined,” or “crude” ingredients. These types of body butter are extracted from the cocoa bean, Shea nut or mango using no heat. Heat will destroy most of the nutrients found in seed oils or nut butters.

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