Conditioner Bars: What Are They? Reasons To Buy.

Conditioner bars are the solid versions of hair conditioners, using similar ingredients but without being diluted in water, which makes them so much more economical to use. One solid conditioner bar is equivalent to 2 or more bottles of liquid conditioners. conditioner bars are meant to be used on the ends of the hair, not on the scalp, and unlike shampoo bars, which clean your scalp and hair, conditioner bars condition, nourish, protect, boost shine, and restore vibrancy to your hair. Conditioner bars are made using non-ionic surfactants, oils, butters, and special ingredients, such as hydrolised proteins and panthenol, that are highly beneficial to the hair. I know that most of us have heard of shampoo bars, but conditioner bars give your hair the best of both worlds, as you gain all the benefits of a conditioner without the harsh ingredients.

Benefits of Conditioner Bars

  1. Conditioner bars are less wasteful. Unlike most liquid conditioners that are made with around 60 to 80% water, these do not contain water and are full of the ingredients you want. Concerned about distribution? The water from your shower will help to spread the product.
  2. They are easy to use. They just glide on your wet hair and you can use either your fingers or a wide tooth comb to distribute.
  3. The packaging is limited. Waste not, want not. Being green is always a plus!
  4. There is less mess. No leaking bottle or spillage while in the shower. We all know that is the worst!
  5. It is lost lasting/cost-effective. This little bar will last a very long time, if you let it properly dry after each use it will last a very long time. Cutting your bars into smaller portions and using a little at a time will help you preserve it.
  6. Create easy traveling. Great for travel because they pack without the worry of leakage. Have you ever been forced to part with a beloved beauty product in airport security? Or found yourself hurriedly pouring your cocktails into travel-size containers the night before a trip? What about the fateful mishap of opening your suitcase to find your conditioner or shampoo has spilled all over your clothes. This spill-proof conditioner bar is perfect for your travels.


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