Bubble Bath Bomb Cupcake “Coconut Vanilla”


Get 2 of  SOAPY best selling products in one! These adorable Bubble Bath Bomb Cupcakes have a bath bomb as the base, and bubble bar frosting! These cupcakes are adorable and incredibly realistic, look like a sweet treat good enough to eat but it is actually a calorie free dessert for your bath!

Our Bubble Bath Bomb Cupcakes help you relax for some much needed down time while taking in the scent of coconut and a hint of vanilla. Yum! Full of natural oils, our Bubble Bath Bombs provide much needed moisture and smell heavenly. A wonderful treat for your skin!

*the price is per 1 item.

!!! Non-Edible products !!!

**SOAPY isn’t massive production so each bubble cupcake can slightly differ in color or shade from the one that you see on the picture.

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