Solid Bubble Bar/Bubble Bath “Love You More”


A fun twist on the classic bubble bath! These bubble bars are perfect for you bath lovers out there! Our bubble bars are fun and nourishing for your skin, full of softening ingredients like rich glycerin and oils. Why are solid bubble bath bars better than liquid bubble bath? Simply put, when they are made in a solid form, we’re able to leave out many preservatives and harsh chemicals that are used in most liquid products.

Handmade with love, our bubble bars are carefully jelly-rolled into a dizzying array of colors and scents that look and smell edible, but DO NOT eat them!

These are a handmade product using 100% ingredients sourced in the USA. We love that statement, and we are proud to be able to say it!

*Price is per 1 item.

**SOAPY isn’t massive production so each bubble bar can slightly differ in color or shade from the one that you see on the picture.

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