Wholesale Bath and Body Products

Are you a store or active seller looking to buy our products in bulk? Soapy Bath and Body Products sometimes partners with qualified re-sellers, and in a variety of ways.

Contact us to see if you qualify to be a Soapy Bath and Body Products re-seller. We offer three different business models for qualified re-sellers which are:

Affiliate:  This is the easiest way to get started but somewhat limited and has the lowest payout. You will get paid a percentage of each sale which is tracked automatically and you can view your sales/earnings in your affiliate dashboard. Simply sign up as a Soapy affiliate and simply promote your custom links (generated by our system automatically for you) wherever you have an audience.  Good places to promote our bath and body products include but are not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, your website, or anywhere else you have an audience.

Wholesale Re-seller: Buy our packaged products in bulk at a discounted rate and sell them at your desired price to earn a profit.  The products will come in standard Soapy packaging. 20% – 40% wholesale discount depending on the amount you buy.

Wholesale White-Label: Buy our products with no labels/packaging so you can brand the products with your company name. 20% – 55% wholesale discount depending on the amount you buy. This option is typically reserved for larger partners/orders but contact us to see if you qualify.

wholesale bath and body products by soapyBuy wholesale bath and body products from Soapy in Chicago, the #1 growing wholesale distributor of bath bombs, natural bar soaps, handmade soaps, bath bomb cupcakes, bubble bars, shower steamers, body lotion, body butter, handcrafted soaps, and cold process soap for home or a variety of other occasions including baby showers, wedding supplies, goody bags for parties and much more.

Contact Us today to see if you qualify for the wholesale bath and body product program at Soapy.

Here you can quickly purchase some products with the wholesale price.