Handmade Sugar Scrub Cubes. Benefits & Uses

Sugar Scrub Benefits

sugar scrub cubes
Sugar Scrub Cubes “Iced Pineapple”


The process of exfoliation is the gradual removal of the top layer of dead skin. Using a sugar scrub for exfoliation involves rubbing the sugar against your skin and the pressure/friction creates the exfoliation.

Clears Skin

The gentle abrasion also removes damaged skin cells and opens up clogged pores. As the scrub cleans and removes dead/damaged skin, it helps to prevent acne, blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts and skin blemishes.

Sugar Scrub Uses

Body Scrub

Take 1 cube of sugar scrub in your hands and gently massage together. Using your fingertips, make tiny circles starting along the neck and work up the whole body. Use gentle to firm pressure depending on your personal preference. Massage the scrub in for about 2 minutes or until most of the sugar has dissolved. Follow with a warm washcloth to remove any excess scrub or simply use warm water.

Foot Scrub

Start by pre-soaking your feet in warm/hot water for 3-5 minutes to soften the skin and prepare for exfoliation (the simplest way to do this is to sit on the side of your bathtub). Place 1 tablespoon of sugar scrub in your palm and rub all over your feet using a circular motion. Continue until most of the sugar has dissolved. Return your feet to the warm/hot water to soak/rinse for an additional 1-2 minutes. Use your hands to gently rinse any remaining sugar from your feet and dry them off with a towel.

SAFETY NOTE: We do not recommend using our sugar scrubs on your feet while in the shower. The oils contained in our scrubs can make your feet quite slippery and this could lead to a fall in a wet shower.

Why use a Sugar Scrub instead of a Salt Scrub?

Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt scrubs, because the sugar granule is round and therefore doesn’t have any ability to “cut” the skin like salt. It’s a far better choice for sensitive skin types and the only choice for the face. Sugar granules dissolve more easily in hot water, and they are less abrasive than salt scrubs. While sugar scrubs don’t have the mineral benefits of salt scrubs, they are less drying, and many natural scrubs now use natural sugars that contain the nutritive properties of sugar cane. Because of the smaller, finer granules, sugar scrubs make a gentle exfoliant that is suitable for nearly all skin types and conditions. The glycolic acid content of sugar is another plus, helping to protect skin against harmful toxins. Vital for the maintenance of healthy skin, this acid works to both condition and moisturize. Even for seriously rough and dry skin, sugar scrubs are great because sugar sizes come in fine, medium and coarse. But choose your scrubs wisely. Do not use a body scrub on your face – it’s too rough. Sugar also has the benefit of melting as you use it, from the heat of your skin, so you can customize the product based on your personal skin type and need.

How to use SOAPY Handmade Sugar Scrub Cubes:

Crush desired amount of cubes in hands and gently rub all over body using a circular motion in shower or bath. Rinse with water when finished.

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